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Unveiling Secret Edinburgh

Did Edinburgh fulfill our expectations? Does it perfectly combine the traditional and modern way of living and the metropolitan and homely feeling?

After weeks of being a part of this lively city, we absolutely agree that Edinburgh is one of the most amazing capitals in Europe, combining tradition and modernity in its own, remarkable way.

Over the last few weeks we investigated all the topics concerning this beautiful city, its culture, lifestyle, nightlife, food and drink, and even more, “unveiling secret Edinburgh”. What we’ve recognised, while living here and writing this travel guide, was that it will never get boring here. There is so much to do, it doesn’t matter what you are interested in, you will always find some place that fulfills your desires. Whether you choose to explore the traditional way of life in Edinburgh, such as visiting the Old Town or the castle, listening to bagpipe-music, eating haggis, drinking whisky, and learning something about the history of Scotland, or whether you want to pick the modern way of living, visiting art museums, going shopping, and celebrating the nightlife in one of the amazing nightspots, then there is something exactly right for you there. Explore Edinburgh whichever way you choose to find your favourite places to be and things to do, you only have to go and check them out.

At the end of our stay we can honestly say that you have to pay the capital of Scotland a visit. Its metropolitan character and its homely atmosphere will inspire you from the moment you arrive.

So, just like we said in our Editorial: Don’t hesitate – go visit Edinburgh!

view sample, Curso/CTR Travel Writing Team Edinburgh 2012, Anne Mundorf

Reisejournalismus in Edinburgh: Behind The Scenes

The history of the building is leaning back to the 15th century. Back then, it was used as a variety. There’s a rumour that Mary, Queen of Scots, met her future husband there…
How romantic is that?

In 1929, the Playhouse as we know it today had opened their doors for the first time, but as a cinema. This remained until 1973, when it had to close be­cause of finan­cial problems. I r o n i c a l l y , Live and Let Die, was the last showed film.
It reopened again, finally as a theatre in 1980, run by Ambassador Theatre Group. With its 3039 seats in the stalls, balcony and circle, it is one of the biggest thea­tres in UK. Their highest floor, the bal­cony, was built many years later to make the theatre bigger and more impres­sive. Underneath, there is the circle with the director’s box, which is mainly used for VIP guests nowadays.

Well, like almost every place in Edinburgh and the­atre’s around the world, the Playhouse has also its own ghost! 1985, the year when the Queen came to visit for a gala, sniffer dogs had to check parts of the building. They did a great job, but in the last and 6th floor, they begun to yelp and run away. Before this happening, a po­liceman had seen the ghost of Albert, the dead mainte­nance manager.

Famous touring dramas and concerts such as We will Rock You, Phantom Of The Opera, Mamma Mia and Mary Poppins, were hosted by the Playhouse. Also U2, Johnny Cash, Tom Waits, Metallica and other musicians like the Girls Aloud for exam­ple. During their stay, the theatre crew named their mops after them. Such an honour!
As you may have noticed, there happens a lot on the theatre, especially when it’s so big and famous like Ed­inburgh’s. If you’d like to hear more stories and have a look backstage, to see the mop-version of Girls Aloud, take part on one of their theatre tours.
Edinburgh Playhouse
by Dilara Yildirim

Edinburgh Truly Madly Deeply

Give it a hearty spit: How do you distinguish a tourist from a local? – A local wouldn’t walk over the Heart of Midlothian, but instead walk around it and give it a hearty spit. You might now think “uuuuuhhhh, how disgusting”, but it is tradition, even if everyone has another reason for doing it.

The stony heart we are talking about is located close to the West entrance of St. Giles Cathedral on Edinburgh’s Royal Mile (High Street). Named after Sir Walter Scott’s novel, The Heart of Midlothian refers to the Old Tolbooth, the city’s former administrative centre and prison, which once stood in that place. Spitting on the heart shaped mosaic is supposed to prevent you from ever getting arrested.

Furthermore, since the heart marks the old doorway of the prison where the executions took place, you can thus show your sympathy for the convicted or your disagreement with the death penalty. But these are not the only reasons for people to spit on it.

In modern times, it also symbolises something more up-to-date: Football. The two local clubs’ arch-rivalry is the trigger for hundreds of fans to leave their “mark” on the mosaic. If you are a supporter of the Heart of Midlothian Football Club you obviously spit on it for luck. If you are a fan of the rivalling Hibernian Edinburgh, you give all your saliva for the enemy’s defeat.

So basically, if you can find a reason for yourself to do it – Go for it! There
is nothing wrong with it. No one will give you a funny look, except for the tourists, and you will all of a sudden feel a bit more personally connected to Edinburgh.

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CTR Travel Writing Team Edinburgh 2011

EU Leonardo da Vinci Stipendium: Reisejournalismus in Edinburgh

Curso führt reise-journalistische Projekte CityTravelReview in Edinburgh, Madrid und Berlin durch. Während ihres Aufenthaltes schreiben und layouten die Teilnehmer unter Anleitung von Journalisten, Layoutern und Projektmanagern aus Edinburgh, Madrid und Berlin ein Stadtmagazin, verbessern ihre Fremdsprachenkenntnisse und üben sich in interkultureller Kommunikation.

Für das Projekt in Edinburgh übernimmt die EU im Rahmen des Mobilitätsprogramms Leonardo da Vinci die Programmgebühr für die Teilnehmer und bezahlt unter anderem auch die Unterkunft im Apartment, Flüge von und nach Edinburgh, Schreib-Workshops, Nutzung der Projekträume, Meetings mit den Journalisten, Layoutern und Projektmanagern aus Edinburgh.

Neben der fachlichen Qualifikation ist für das Stipendium entscheidend: ausschließlich Bewerber mit Status dem Arbeitsmarkt zur Verfügung stehend (z. B. Arbeitnehmer, Freiberufler, Selbständige, Berufseinsteiger, Arbeitsuchende) können das Stipendium bekommen.

Das kommt auf die Teilnehmer zu:
Die Aufgabe ist das Verfassen eines Stadtmagazins, unter Anleitung von erfahrenen Journalisten und Layoutern aus Edinburgh:
– Teilnahme an Journalismus/Schreib-Workshops mit erfahrenen Journalisten, Projektmanagern und Layoutern
– Verfassen von Artikeln für das Stadtmagazin mit inhaltlicher Unterstützung durch Journalisten und Proofreader
– projektbezogene Culture/Business-English Lektionen als Bestandteil der Seminare/Workshops
– projektbezogene Unternehmensbesuche und projektbezogene Exkursionen
– Recherche, Interviews mit bestimmten Ansprechpartnern aus Kultur und Wirtschaft
– Mitarbeit beim Layout und den Fotos

Das Profil:
Die Bewerber für das Programm sollen motiviert, kommunikativ sein und Spaß am Schreiben mitbringen.
– gute Englischkenntnisse werden vorausgesetzt
– journalistische Erfahrung ist von Vorteil
– für die Mitarbeit im Layout-Bereich werden Vorkenntnisse mit Indesign oder Photoshop vorausgesetzt

Unsere Leistungen:
Unsere Ziele sind die Verbesserung der journalistischen Fachkenntnisse, der Sprachkenntnisse und der interkulturellen Kompetenz der Teilnehmer. Zum Abschluss eines Projektes entsteht ein Stadtmagazin, ein Ergebnis auf das die Teilnehmer stolz sein können. Die Ausgaben des Magazins werden im Internet, in Hostels und Sprachschulen in Auszügen zur Verfügung gestellt und von den Teilnehmern unter Anleitung in Gänze veröffentlicht. Die Teilnehmer erhalten ein Zeugnis und können das Magazin als Arbeitsprobe verwenden.

Für weitere Informationen nehmen Sie bitte Kontakt mit Curso eG auf.

Redaktion Curso eG 2011

This project has been funded with support from the European Commission.
This publication [communication] reflects the views only of the author, and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein.

Reisejournalismus Edinburgh: Underneath The Kilt

Choose your destination. Choose your flight. Choose an effing big suitcase. Choose a bed to rest your weary head on, and be just as tired in the morning. Choose square sausages, bacon rashers, potato scones, baked beans and how you like your eggs. Choose your daily itinerary. Choose your museums, galleries and cafés. Choose your sandwich fillings and a bottle of Irn Bru. Choose whisky-tasting, shopping and your hill to climb to enjoy the city view from. Choose to escape reality at a cinema or a theatre. Choose to wander the streets in search of a friendly ghost. Choose a pub. Choose your kind of music. Choose your dancing shoes and kilt for a ceilidh. Choose stumbling home eating a deep-fried Mars Bar. Choose an effing hangover. Choose your literature/book to read on a bench in the park. Choose a round of golf. Choose Edinburgh…but why would you want to do a thing like that? We will show you…Choose this guide to discover the diversity of Edinburgh’s many facets through an eclectic mix of articles, written by different people from around the world.

Edi winter group 2009

Edinburgh inspired

Projektbeginn! Das Frühlingsprogramm in Edinburgh startet durch!! Journalismus, Kultur und Sprache sollen den Horizont erweitern. Eine neue Ausgabe des Magazins über Edinburgh entsteht, Abschluss am 30. März. Blättern Sie in der Winter-Ausgabe des Magazins, ein Klick auf eines der Bilder mit Schottland-Flagge führt Sie zum Ziel. Lernen Sie die wichtigen schottischen Vokabeln mit Curso eG und dem Team aus dem Winter 2009/2010.