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What’s Barcelona?

cover-ctr-whats-barcelonaIf you’re lucky enough to be in Barcelona in August, the week long free festival in Gràcia is not to be missed. Although the date changes every year, around the 15th August from Friday to Friday,, the bohemian streets of this quiet Catalan residential neighbourhood are transformed into a colourful street party.

Each street competes for the title of the best-decorated street, with the residents of each street going to considerable effort as they bring their theme to life with spectacular street decorations from umbrella lights to sea life. The festival is completely free with no need to book the wide array of events including music, cinema and talks – to see what’s on, check out the festival’s website.

Come along in the day to enjoy the decorations, buy some food from the street stalls and enjoy the cultural events. Then, refuel with some wine or beer from the neighbourhood shops and supermarkets, which are open as usual and stay until late dancing to the live Spanish music. Festa Major de Gràcia is a street party like no other – as authentically Spanish as it gets, expect to leave with appreciation for the Catalan party spirit.
¿ What‘s … UP ?
¡ Festival of Gràcia !

Team CTR Barcelona
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The Bear Necessities

ctr-the-bear-necessities-cover-211x300Made up of multiple boroughs, Berlin is a city of many characters and faces. Not as compact as London or New York, Berlin is a place where you can travel 20 minutes and feel as if you are in a completely different city. Every borough combines to make Berlin a cosmopolitan, diverse and vibrant city. Albeit a relatively new city, Berlin still has a substantial amount of history.

Berlin is such a vibrant and inclusive city, that you never want to leave after visiting. From our personal experience, Berlin is a truly great city. We have used our time to experience and collect as many fun memories, moments and great attractions as possible. Hopefully you can use our guide as a basis for your own trip to Berlin, and we hope our guide will help you realise what this wonderful city has to offer.
“Ich bin ein Berliner!”

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ctr-berlin-sights-cover4-211x300It can sometimes seem daunting arriving in a huge place like Berlin (and it really is huge), but we aim to change that in this guide by offering you the lowdown on all the things you simply have to do while you’re here. We’ve visited the best places to stay, the most interesting places to visit, and of course the top places to eat, drink, and party.

The best thing about this city is that there really is something for everyone, and once you’ve spent a few days in Berlin we can guarantee that you won’t want to leave.
Welcome to Berlin!

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The BCN Bible

ctr-the-bcn-bible-cover-300x212La Rambla is the most famous street in central Barcelona, popular with tourists and local people alike. It always attracts huge crowds, especially during the height of tourist season, all buzzing to see what this place has to offer, whether its the market stalls, the street performers or the off road hidden gems.

Strolling along the avenue you can see such amazing historic attractions such as the Palace of Virreina, and the Liceu theatre, where you can enjoy watching opera and ballet, for a more sophisticated travel experience! You can also find ‘La Boqueria’ market that is a must visit tourist landmark, selling a whole selection of different kinds of goods.

La Rambla is quite easy to fi nd with many different transport options leading you straight to it. There’s the metro station at Liceu (line L3), three Barcelona bus lines operating during the day (number 14,59 and 91) and three different nighttime buses also go along here (number N9, N12 and N15).

The street is defi nitely a spot worth visiting if not for the shopping and charming restaurants, then for the characters you fi nd down there. It’s no doubt that locals are the real treasure: friendly, joyful and ready to help.
La Rambla

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Barrios de Barcelona

curso-ctr-barrios-de-barcelona-cover-300x225Without question the area most synonymous with Barcelona that captures so much of what the city has stood for, is the Barri Gòtic (Gothic Quarter). A trip to the Barri Gotic can truly feel like a journey back in time, as you enter the narrow streets and find yourself negotiating a labyrinth of possibilities that will confuse yet delight you, as each step taken reveals another layer of this incredibly complex and detailed arena.

There is a deluge of religious landmarks to visit and enjoy, including the Catedral de la Santa Creu i Santa Eulalia (Barcelona Cathedral) , Basílica Santa Maria Del Pi and the medieval Jewish Quarter El Call, which offers a fascinating glimpse into the history of the Jews of Catalonia. Your trip to Barcelona would not be complet without a tour of the quarter that helped shape so much of what the city is today.
Introduction to Barri Gòtic

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The Berlinsider’s Guide

curso-reisejournalismus-berlinsiders-guideBasically, all it really takes to survive in Berlin is common sense. Luckily Germany is a Western country and many of its cultural norms are similar to the cultural norms of other Western nations. Act like you would in your home country and you’ll be fine. Don’t put yourself into any dangerous situations, treat the local Berliners with respect (as well as your fellow tourists) and your stay in Germany’s capital should be a fun and enjoyable one.

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Berlin or Bust

curso-reisejournalismus-berlin-or-bustThe Berliners are, on the whole, a laid back bunch who enjoy the cosmopolitan vibe of their city. They’re quite relaxed when compared to other Germans, but if you’re expecting a friendly smile when boarding a tram or someone to hold open a door for you, you can pretty much forget about it. They’re not being deliberately rude, these are just small things that a Berliner wouldn’t worry about. The Berliners can also be incredibly blunt when talking to strangers. This is known as the “Berliner Schnauze”, and can be loosely compared to New York sassiness. Just try not to take it to heart.

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Guide of Edinburgh

curso-ctr-guide-of-edinburgh-erfahrungsbericht-coverIf you want to visit Scotland and especially Edinburgh this little guide about some Dos and Don’ts is supposed to help you taking your first steps. First of all: if you are looking for accommodation there are many cheap hotels and hostels around the city centre, perfect for when you are on a budget and want to be near everything. It is usually best to book hotels and hostels in advance. Most, if not all, can be found on hostelworld.com, hostelbookers.com and edinburghhostels.com. When you’ve finally arrived, exited and thirsty of knowledge, and you start to explore the city, you should not be afraid of asking and talking: everybody loves to help you finding your way and information. Most of the Scottish people are friendly and open minded. But avoid calling a Scottish person English. Remember that Scotland and England are own countries within the United Kingdom and so talk to the people as Scots – not Scotch by the way, that would be the Whisky…

Probably you’ll have to get used to the traffic, especially when you are from a country where one drives on the right side of the street. The traffic is very busy and so are the Scottish pedestrians – watching their habits you will probably learn fast.

Edinburgh has so many different shades and actually it is easy to open your mind for its culture and enjoy the trip to this amazing city!

Team CTR Edinburgh

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Edinburgh City Travel Guide: Every Day is Christmas

ctr-curso-eg-edinburgh-the-beauty-of-the-north-erfahrungsbericht-weihnachtenHow about some Christmas shopping at Easter or in summer? In Edinburgh, you can choose between several Christmas shops that are open all year round. Forget about the shops that only sell glittering bubbles or twinkling Christmas tree lights. In The Christmas Shop at Grassmarket you will find laugh-out-loud presents for Christmas. If you fancy unusual Christmas cards, you might decide on “Jingle Bells, Santa smells” or a card with ten jokes about reindeers. The shop also offers a biscuit cutter with Queen Elizabeth’s profile. Or a Christmas pudding box with lipgloss inside.

If this is not festive enough, you’d better choose Ye Olde Christmas Shoppe on the Royal Mile. You’ll find everything you need for a truly Scottish Christmas. For example a CD with bagpipes Christmas music. Or tartan Christmas tree decorations such as hearts, stars or trees – or even bagpipers and sheep. If you like more cheesy Christmas stuff, there are also bubbles with Santa sitting on a train or – very classic – former British monarchs such as Queen Victoria to embellish your tree. In case you usually cry tears of joy on Christmas, you can buy ahead Santa tissues.

text and photo Sabrina Wendling
The team of city travel review, December 2014
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erfahrungen-curso-eg-ctr-auslandspraktikum-reisejournalismus-edinburgh-winterEin kalter Wind und four seasons in one day, das ist die Wettermeldung zum Reisejournalismus Winter-Programm in Edinburgh. Dennoch, auch zur aktuellen Jahreszeit, ist das Erlebnis Edinburgh einfach einzigartig. Wir fangen die Sonnenstrahlen ein wenn es sie denn täglich gibt und nutzen die Zeit für die outdoor Recherchen. Das ist ein Muss denn die Stadt ist so reich an Geschichte. Wir hatten Glück: die Winter-Sonne verwöhnte uns während der Exkursionen nach Arthurs Seat und Cramond. Nach Sonnenuntergang ist die winterliche Beleuchtung eine ganz besonders willkommene Abwechslung. Selbst bei kühlem Wind und Wetter wird uns dabei ganz warm ums Herz.
Team Citytravelreview / Curso