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Edinburgh April 2017


Fun, new friends, history, whisky, castles, pubs, tours, live music, fantastic views – oh my! Where completely strangers become friends with a glass of whiskey in hand – this is CTR in Edinburgh.

Not even the Scottish weather pranks could hide the unique charm of Edinburgh – rustic bookshops, mystic closes and lovely shops make the citys beauty! Exploring the beautiful city in great company – Edinburgh, you’ve stolen my heart!

This once in a lifetime experience helped me fall in love with the beautiful city of Edinburgh while making new friends along the way. There is a distinctive feeling you have while walking through Edinburgh: It’s the mixture of living, breathing history and the culturally open mindset of the people today that is different from any other city in Europe.

It’s not hard to fall in love with Edinburgh. The unique atmosphere in the pubs, the vitality everywhere, the beautiful landscapes and all the great people you are surrounded by made me feel like home!

What a positive experience: getting to know a beautiful city together with amazing people! I came, saw, and fell in love with this city and its warm citizen. Can´t wait to see you again, Edinburgh!

To fell in love with a foreign city in a few days and discover it with a group of other girls, who became real friends, was an exciting experience, which I don’t regret.

Team CTR/Curso, Edinburgh April 2017

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Edinburgh inspired

Projektbeginn! Das Frühlingsprogramm in Edinburgh startet durch!! Journalismus, Kultur und Sprache sollen den Horizont erweitern. Eine neue Ausgabe des Magazins über Edinburgh entsteht, Abschluss am 30. März. Blättern Sie in der Winter-Ausgabe des Magazins, ein Klick auf eines der Bilder mit Schottland-Flagge führt Sie zum Ziel. Lernen Sie die wichtigen schottischen Vokabeln mit Curso eG und dem Team aus dem Winter 2009/2010.