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Beneath Berlin: A Beginner’s Guide to the German Capital

cover_reisejournalismus_bIt may be 10 times the size of Paris, but its key areas are pleasantly compact and the excellent public transport system makes it easy to get from A to B. The open
space and multiple parks make it one of the greenest cities in the world and you
can walk without fear during the night.

We have divided the city into smaller, more digestible areas to make your life easier. Take a stroll through the tranquil and elegant streets of CHARLOTTENBERG. Party hard in FRIEDRICHSHAIN, or hang with the hipsters in KREUZBERG. Sightsee in MITTE and bar-hop in NEUKOLLN. Explore the art scene in PRENZLAUER BERG or shop till you drop in SCHÖNEBERG.
Each one of these neighbourhoods has its own unique charm and atmosphere
and collectively they compose the Berlin that we know and love.

Team Curso/CTR Berlin

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Berlin Bearings

Arrived in Berlin and not sure where to go?
cover_curso_reisejournalismusDon’t worry, our Iconic Berlin section guides you around the many unmissable sights the German capital has to offer. Even if you’re restricted to a few days here, pick a couple of our suggestions and jump on the Ubahn. To make you feel like you’ve really arrived in Berlin, head to Brandenburg Tor, Checkpoint Charlie or Potsdamer Platz for the typical tourist experience. History buffs will enjoy the Victory Column and Soviet Memorial and if heights are your thing, see the best views of the city from the Reichstag or the Fernsehturm/TV tower. For fun photo opportunities, go to the East Side Gallery, the longest remaining stretch of the former Berlin Wall. Team Curso/CTR

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Berlin Mitte

curso_reisejournalismus_sprachreise_edinburgh_berlinRight at the heart of the city, here is where you can find some of Berlin’s most cherished attractions in a modernised setting. One of the most war-damaged dis­tricts, Mitte is brimming with histo­rical sites such as the Brandenburger Tor and The Altes Museum. It also contains Alexanderplatz, where alongside the legendary Museum Island tourists can enjoy a selection of leafy parks and jazz clubs. Re­siding nearby are Nikolavier­tel, a quarter of some of Berlin’s oldest buildings, the famous Tier­garten and the River Spree. Mitte is also at the centre of the city’s politics and media. Walks down Unter den Linden and Friedrichs­trasse are necessary to experience the best of Berlin’s landmarks.

The proud home of the döner kebab, Kreuzberg is known for its sizeable Turkish population and working-class community. Yet its energy and ability to entertain is undisputed, the main streets per­manently awash with both locals, hipsters and students. Take a walk down busy Oraniens­trasse for a seemingly endless stream of bars, cafés and restau­rants of varied cuisine, serving up tasty grub at delightfully low prices.

Prenzlauer Berg
An area popcurso_eg_reisejournalismus_sprachreise_edinburgh_berlinular with students, this part of North-East Berlin is gentrified yet affordable, and full of trendy hangouts. Hip young mothers with prams roam the many boutiques, quaint cafés and second-hand shops on Kollwitz-platz, and artists mingle in the chic nightspots. Don’t miss the fleamarket at Mauerpark on Sundays!

Rebuilt in the 1950s after extensive war damage, Char­lottenburg in the present day is one of Berlin’s most affluent, thriving areas. Located to the west of the Tiergarten, it’s not the most accessible area but it is overflowing with tourist hotspots. Located within it is shopping mecca Kurfursten­damm, the boulevard is known to locals as ‘Ku-Damm’ but more widely as the ‘Champs-Elysees’ of Berlin.

curso_reisejournalismus_sprachreise_edinburgh_berlin_graffitiClosely connected with its neighbouring borough of Kreuz­berg, this former part of East Berlin has a complicated history and, consequently, has a range of interesting spots for tourists to visit. Famous for the East Side Gallery, it has a reputation for its young, vibrant population, and its less opulent atmosphere in comparison with the more central districts. It also accommodates many of the city’s squatters.

Located in former West Ber­lin, today this area is celebrated for its history of early 20th cen­tury cabacurso24_reisejournalismus_sprachreise_edinburgh_berlinret culture and influence. upon the city’s art scene. One of the districts to be affected the least by wartime bombing, many of the old Berlin buildings still stand to be admired. Take a walk around to enjoy the greenery and drop into one of Schöneberg’s many elegant boutiques.

Not only the name of Berlin’s most famous park, Tiergarten is a district in itself. Another part of the city to suffer extensively during the war, the huge park is home to seve­ral lakes, beer gardens, monuments and even clubs. A walk through the Tiergarten is a welcome escape from the constant hustle and bustle of the rest of the city.
Team Curso/CTR Berlin

Kostproben der Magazine

Curso CTR auf Entdeckungsreise

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Kostproben einiger Magazine aus den Vorjahren finden Sie bei Auslandspraktikum Reisejournalismus. Redaktion Curso/CTR


Lyon Impressionen

Entdecken Sie Lyon! Fotos, Impressionen
Redaktion Curso/CTR

Reisejournalismus 2013 in Edinburgh, Madrid, Barcelona, Lyon, Berlin

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Auch für 2013 freuen wir uns wieder auf spannende Reisejournalismus Praktikumsprogramme in Edinburgh, Madrid, Barcelona, Lyon und Berlin

Redaktion Curso

Let Lyon Spin You Right ‘Round

This guide has been broken down into several sections pertaining to the four distinct geographical areas. Following this, you will find a series of subsections to equip you with all the information you will need to make the most of your time in Lyon.

Fouviere Hill – Known as the hill that prays, this area still has the remnants of its Roman origins

Vieux-Lyon – The oldest part of town, this UNESCO heritage listed area will take you back in time

Croix-Rousse – Known as the hill that works, this area forms the heart of Lyon’s silk industry

Presqu’ile – Contemporary & vibrant, the peninsula is a hive of activity, not to be missed by any high street shopper

Tips – Transport, accommodation, phrases, day trips and dates… everything practical you need to know about visiting Lyon

Dining and Nightlife – Where to eat, what to eat and of course how to spend your evenings, you will find it all in this section

Culture – Diverse and rich, this section will expose a little about what makes the people of Lyon who they are

Special dates: guide on typical Lyonnais and French celebrations

Shopping & Fashion – If museums and galleries are not your thing, this section is for anyone requiring a little retail therapy. Also, if you are a little low on funds you can still enjoy your time in Lyon with the help of a few innovative suggestions

Join us on a journey through the main arrondissements of Lyon. After discovering the city’s main sights and scenes, the rest of the adventure remains entirely up to you.
Bon Voyage!

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CTR Travel Writing Team Lyon 2012

Info Praktikumsprogramm Französisch und Reisejournalismus

http://www.curso24.de/images/curso24_praktikum_reisejournalismus_franzoesisch_lyon_2012.pdfIn den Workshops lernst du die Tipps und Tricks einen Reiseartikel mit Spannung oder Humor zu erzählen. Lyon ist eine tolle Stadt und die Leser sollen die spannendsten Tipps zu Lyon aus erster Hand bekommen!

Die Artikel sollten jeweils nach Absprache mit den französischen Projektmanagern und den leitenden Journalisten zur Korrektur und dem Korrekturlesen (professioneller Proofreader steht zur Verfügung) bereitstehen. Ihr werdet umfassend von den Journalisten, dem Layouter und den Projektmanagern unterstützt.

Nach der Fertigstellung des Magazins bekommen alle am Projekt beteiligten Personen die fertige Version des Reiseführers (Datei-download oder Disc). Das Magazin wird im Internet in Auszügen und von den PraktikanntInnen unter Anleitung in Gänze als e-book veröffentlicht. Das Material wird Universitäten und Tourist Boards kostenlos und in Auszügen zur Verfügung gestellt.

Es gibt Exkursionen, projektbezogene Besuche und Gelegenheit zu Interviews mit Menschen aus Wirtschaft und Kultur. Wir bringen euch die Kultur und Menschen Lyons näher; das Programm ist die Gelegenheit Lyon nicht nur aus touristischer sondern aus Sicht des Reisejournalisten zu erleben. Nach Abschluss des Projektes bekommst du ein Zeugnis über die reisejournalistische Tätigkeit und ein Zertifikat über die Teilnahme am Französisch-Sprachkurs.

Weitere Infos zu den Projekten in Lyon findest du bei http://www.curso24.de/praktikum-franzoesisch-reisejournalismus-frankreich.do
Redaktion Curso eG