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Edinburgh Experience Discover Imagine

Experience The Lifestyle, Edinburgh From The Inside: Inspired by a video montage that is currently being shown at the National Museum in Edinburgh, this piece attempts to create a vision of Edinburgh, its delicacies and its culture from the inside.

‘Edinburgh is home to some of the greatest and some of the strangest people I have ever met; rarely do you get to see such a wild variety of people sharing the pavements.’

‘Edinburgh might be small, but you couldn’t run out of things to do if you tried.’

‘Edinburgh pretends to go to sleep at 3am but you can always manage to get a pint or a chippy from behind closed doors.’

‘The meadows and the word procrastination go hand in hand.’

‘The meadows? Probably the one place in Edinburgh where I seem to get blown over, every winter without fail.’

‘The meadows are like a giant solar panel; they are deserted for most of the year until the sun comes out, then, you can’t seem to find a space on the grass amongst the circus of Frisbees, footballs, tight rope walkers, musicians and people trying to sunbathe in Scotland – I have no idea where they all hide for the rest of the year?!’

‘Irn Bru is possibly the most revolting drink in the world’

‘Irn Bru should be handed out to all students if universities expect anyone to turn up to 9am lectures’

‘Irn Bru is a work of genius, every time I wake up feeling horrendous after a night out, I reach over to my bedside table where I have carefully placed a bottle next to my paracetamol the night before and suddenly the world becomes a brighter place.’

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CTR Travel Writing Team Edinburgh 2011

Edinburgh Truly Madly Deeply

Give it a hearty spit: How do you distinguish a tourist from a local? – A local wouldn’t walk over the Heart of Midlothian, but instead walk around it and give it a hearty spit. You might now think “uuuuuhhhh, how disgusting”, but it is tradition, even if everyone has another reason for doing it.

The stony heart we are talking about is located close to the West entrance of St. Giles Cathedral on Edinburgh’s Royal Mile (High Street). Named after Sir Walter Scott’s novel, The Heart of Midlothian refers to the Old Tolbooth, the city’s former administrative centre and prison, which once stood in that place. Spitting on the heart shaped mosaic is supposed to prevent you from ever getting arrested.

Furthermore, since the heart marks the old doorway of the prison where the executions took place, you can thus show your sympathy for the convicted or your disagreement with the death penalty. But these are not the only reasons for people to spit on it.

In modern times, it also symbolises something more up-to-date: Football. The two local clubs’ arch-rivalry is the trigger for hundreds of fans to leave their “mark” on the mosaic. If you are a supporter of the Heart of Midlothian Football Club you obviously spit on it for luck. If you are a fan of the rivalling Hibernian Edinburgh, you give all your saliva for the enemy’s defeat.

So basically, if you can find a reason for yourself to do it – Go for it! There
is nothing wrong with it. No one will give you a funny look, except for the tourists, and you will all of a sudden feel a bit more personally connected to Edinburgh.

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CTR Travel Writing Team Edinburgh 2011