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Let Lyon Spin You Right ‘Round

This guide has been broken down into several sections pertaining to the four distinct geographical areas. Following this, you will find a series of subsections to equip you with all the information you will need to make the most of your time in Lyon.

Fouviere Hill – Known as the hill that prays, this area still has the remnants of its Roman origins

Vieux-Lyon – The oldest part of town, this UNESCO heritage listed area will take you back in time

Croix-Rousse – Known as the hill that works, this area forms the heart of Lyon’s silk industry

Presqu’ile – Contemporary & vibrant, the peninsula is a hive of activity, not to be missed by any high street shopper

Tips – Transport, accommodation, phrases, day trips and dates… everything practical you need to know about visiting Lyon

Dining and Nightlife – Where to eat, what to eat and of course how to spend your evenings, you will find it all in this section

Culture – Diverse and rich, this section will expose a little about what makes the people of Lyon who they are

Special dates: guide on typical Lyonnais and French celebrations

Shopping & Fashion – If museums and galleries are not your thing, this section is for anyone requiring a little retail therapy. Also, if you are a little low on funds you can still enjoy your time in Lyon with the help of a few innovative suggestions

Join us on a journey through the main arrondissements of Lyon. After discovering the city’s main sights and scenes, the rest of the adventure remains entirely up to you.
Bon Voyage!

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CTR Travel Writing Team Lyon 2012

Madrid CityTravelReview

It would be fair to say that the people of Madrid are friendly and most will welcome outsiders with open arms. It is not uncommon for a local to stop on the street to help a tourist find a location or for a waiter to recommend a great bar or nightclub for you to try after your meal. Of course, like with any large capital city, you should still be wary of yourself and your belongings; Madrid is fast approaching number one in Europe for pickpocketing. In general, though, if you try to understand them and maybe charm them with your limited Spanish, a madrileño could become a very good friend. Their siesta/fiesta attitude might surprise you when you discover much of this great city’s history that is enveloped in fighting and political unrest.

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CTR Travel Writing Team Madrid 2012

50 shades of Madrid

Welcome to the City Travel Review/Curso eG Guide to Madrid. We have covered all the sides of this sultry city through our 50 Shades of Madrid. Our introduction serves as the first shade so you can get our take on this crazy capital and get yourself situated before adventuring
through the city with us. There are 49 shades to follow so get ready to experience all aspects of Madrid as you plan you expidition or simply virtually experience the city from inside these pages. Enjoy!

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CTR Travel Writing Team Madrid 2012

Reisejournalismus in Edinburgh: Behind The Scenes

The history of the building is leaning back to the 15th century. Back then, it was used as a variety. There’s a rumour that Mary, Queen of Scots, met her future husband there…
How romantic is that?

In 1929, the Playhouse as we know it today had opened their doors for the first time, but as a cinema. This remained until 1973, when it had to close be­cause of finan­cial problems. I r o n i c a l l y , Live and Let Die, was the last showed film.
It reopened again, finally as a theatre in 1980, run by Ambassador Theatre Group. With its 3039 seats in the stalls, balcony and circle, it is one of the biggest thea­tres in UK. Their highest floor, the bal­cony, was built many years later to make the theatre bigger and more impres­sive. Underneath, there is the circle with the director’s box, which is mainly used for VIP guests nowadays.

Well, like almost every place in Edinburgh and the­atre’s around the world, the Playhouse has also its own ghost! 1985, the year when the Queen came to visit for a gala, sniffer dogs had to check parts of the building. They did a great job, but in the last and 6th floor, they begun to yelp and run away. Before this happening, a po­liceman had seen the ghost of Albert, the dead mainte­nance manager.

Famous touring dramas and concerts such as We will Rock You, Phantom Of The Opera, Mamma Mia and Mary Poppins, were hosted by the Playhouse. Also U2, Johnny Cash, Tom Waits, Metallica and other musicians like the Girls Aloud for exam­ple. During their stay, the theatre crew named their mops after them. Such an honour!
As you may have noticed, there happens a lot on the theatre, especially when it’s so big and famous like Ed­inburgh’s. If you’d like to hear more stories and have a look backstage, to see the mop-version of Girls Aloud, take part on one of their theatre tours.
Edinburgh Playhouse
by Dilara Yildirim

de Madrid al cielo

Modern spirit mixing with historic buildings
A lot of culture and leisure time activities in each neighbourhood
Delicious and traditional food and drink
Rastro flea market and a great many parks to relax in, combined with sports attractions and street performers
Inexpensive public transport and endless shopping opportunities
Dawn-to-dusk nightlife scene

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CTR Travel Writing Team Madrid 2012
Diana Protze

get edinburghized

Walking down Rose Street at six o’clock in the morning, lis­tening to seagulls flying above your head and watching the streetlights being magically switched off, giving way to the emerging sun, you begin to feel quite homey in this city filled with stories. Make your way to Princes Street and take a deep breath of this fresh air and turn your head to look up to Calton Hill where a new ad­venturous day arises and an unforgettable night finds its way into the cosy cave that is your memory.

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CTR Travel Writing Team Edinburgh 2011
Nightlife by Elisa Henschel

Reisejournalismus Workshops: Learning by Doing

Raus aus den eigenen vier Wänden und rein in ein ungewöhnliches Erlebnis. Auch dieses Jahr bieten wir wieder Reisejournalismus Programme an, die es den Teilnehmern erlauben, eine andere Stadt und Kultur kennenzulernen und gleichzeitig ihre journalistischen Fähigkeiten (weiter) zu entwickeln.
Edinburgh, Madrid und Lyon heißen die Orte, an denen Interessierte zusammen kommen können, um in drei Wochen einen professionellen Reiseführer zu produzieren. Dabei werden sie von erfahrenen Journalisten und Grafikdesignern angeleitet, die sie während des gesamten Prozesses unterstützen – von der Planung bis hin zum Layout. Es spielt keine Rolle, welche Vorkenntnisse die Programmteilnehmer haben. Interesse und Motivation sind die einzige Grundbedingung.

Was unsere Reiseziele betrifft, so bietet jedes von ihnen einzigartige Erlebnisse. Denn jede der Städte hat an ein sehr eigenes Temperament. Edinburgh, die exzentrische Hauptstadt Schottlands, bietet nicht nur klassisch-touristisches wie Ceilidhs, Pubs und frittierte Marsriegel, sondern auch eine spektakuläre Architektur, sowie eine Ballung an Unterhaltung, die vielleicht einzigartig auf der Welt ist.

In Madrid findet sich ein sehr eigener Rhythmus, sowie derart viele Aktivitäten, Sehenswürdigkeiten und Tapas Bars, daß die Zeit zum Schlafen dort knapp werden könnte, wenn man auch nur versucht, das Wichtigste zu sehen. Das an der Rhone gelegene Lyon wiederum wird häufig als kulinarisches Paradies bezeichnet. Und auch hier mangelt es nicht an einprägsamen Erlebnissen und Orten, wie beispielsweise der wundervollen Altstadt, der berühmten Maison de la Danse, sowie zahlreichen Festivals.

Doch ganz gleich für welchen Ort man sich entscheidet, die hier gemachten Erfahrungen sind wertvolle. Unsere Projekte verbinden Urlaub mit einem Praktikum und ergänzen dadurch den eigenen Lebenslauf. Der fertige Reiseführer und die eigenen Artikel lassen sich hervorragend als Referenz nutzen. Und zu guter Letzt lernen unsere Teilnehmer neue Freunde kennen, mit denen sie gemeinsam die neue Umgebung erkunden können.

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