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Edinburgh City Travel Guide: Every Day is Christmas

ctr-curso-eg-edinburgh-the-beauty-of-the-north-erfahrungsbericht-weihnachtenHow about some Christmas shopping at Easter or in summer? In Edinburgh, you can choose between several Christmas shops that are open all year round. Forget about the shops that only sell glittering bubbles or twinkling Christmas tree lights. In The Christmas Shop at Grassmarket you will find laugh-out-loud presents for Christmas. If you fancy unusual Christmas cards, you might decide on “Jingle Bells, Santa smells” or a card with ten jokes about reindeers. The shop also offers a biscuit cutter with Queen Elizabeth’s profile. Or a Christmas pudding box with lipgloss inside.

If this is not festive enough, you’d better choose Ye Olde Christmas Shoppe on the Royal Mile. You’ll find everything you need for a truly Scottish Christmas. For example a CD with bagpipes Christmas music. Or tartan Christmas tree decorations such as hearts, stars or trees – or even bagpipers and sheep. If you like more cheesy Christmas stuff, there are also bubbles with Santa sitting on a train or – very classic – former British monarchs such as Queen Victoria to embellish your tree. In case you usually cry tears of joy on Christmas, you can buy ahead Santa tissues.

text and photo Sabrina Wendling
The team of city travel review, December 2014
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erfahrungen-curso-eg-ctr-auslandspraktikum-reisejournalismus-edinburgh-winterEin kalter Wind und four seasons in one day, das ist die Wettermeldung zum Reisejournalismus Winter-Programm in Edinburgh. Dennoch, auch zur aktuellen Jahreszeit, ist das Erlebnis Edinburgh einfach einzigartig. Wir fangen die Sonnenstrahlen ein wenn es sie denn täglich gibt und nutzen die Zeit für die outdoor Recherchen. Das ist ein Muss denn die Stadt ist so reich an Geschichte. Wir hatten Glück: die Winter-Sonne verwöhnte uns während der Exkursionen nach Arthurs Seat und Cramond. Nach Sonnenuntergang ist die winterliche Beleuchtung eine ganz besonders willkommene Abwechslung. Selbst bei kühlem Wind und Wetter wird uns dabei ganz warm ums Herz.
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Reisejournalismus-Programm Erfahrungen

curso-ctr-praktikumsprogramm-reisejournalismus-berlin-2014Während der Praktikumsprogramme in der deutschen Hauptstadt Berlin werden Reisemagazine und Travel Guides recherchiert und geschrieben welche unsere Studierenden in kreativer Leistung mit den einheimischen Journalisten, Layoutern und Projektmitarbeitern entwickeln. Reise-journalistische Workshops, Layout Meetings, Culture Meetings, professionelle Recherche und Editing sowie projektbezogene Besuche, Begegnungen und Exkursionen zur Unterstützung bei der Recherche sind die Schwerpunkte unserer Programme.

Erfahrungsberichte zu Curso CTR finden Sie beispielsweise hier. Ergänzend fügen wir einige eigene Bilder-Impressionen bei:

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The Different Faces of Edinburgh

praktikum-curso-reisejournalismus-cover-edinburgh-september14As a city in which much of today’s structure can be traced back to former centuries, Edinburgh offers a great deal for those interested in history. How about visiting the house of a 17th century merchant? Or maybe getting acquainted with the works of Scottish artists in the National Portrait Gallery? However, do not be fooled into thinking that Edinburgh is boring and old-fashioned – there are a lot of terrific galleries dedicated to contemporary art, such as the City Art Centre or the Gallery of Modern Art. So irrespective of your interests, on the following pages you’ll certainly discover something to your liking.
Edinburgh for Culture enthusiasts

A city which inspired authors to write worldwide bestsellers such as Sherlock Holmes or Harry Potter; where the world’s tallest commemoration of a writer rises spectacularly into the sky and museums and libraries invite one to plunge deeper into the lives and writings of Scottish Literary heroes. From the aforementioned examples, it is clear that Edinburgh wholeheartedly embraces its status as UNESCO City of Literature. Visit the settings of Ian Rankin’s Rebus stories or discover Tom Riddle’s grave in Greyfriars Kirkyard. Discover the magical chapter of this parallel existing literary world by following its traces in reality.
Edinburgh for Bookworms

Department stores or independent shops? It does not matter if you’re following the newest trends or have a preference for old-fashioned vintage clothing; this section will no doubt help you to discover the right shops to visit. On your marks, whip out your credit card, GO!
Edinburgh for Shopaholics

Besides being the vibrant capital of Scotland, Edinburgh also has a lot to offer for those who want to relax and enjoy all the natural beauties and outdoor pleasures. With the wide range of well-kept city parks and gardens, local nature reserves and walkways as well as the imposing appearance of Arthur’s Seat and the Salisbury Crags, Edinburgh can truly be called a “green city”.
Edinburgh for Nature addicts

Over the centuries, Edinburgh has been tormented by numerous bloody and horrible happenings. The Scottish frequently recount tales of murder, ghosts, body-snatching and witch-burning. Everyone from the brave to the faint-hearted can enjoy their nightly or daily tours, whether it be to a secret underground or to a haunted graveyard. Some tourists swear that they have seen a transparent figure during a guided tour. If you truly want to reveal the dark side of the beautiful Edinburgh, you should ask yourself: Do you believe in ghosts?
Edinburgh for Thrill seekers

From sheep stomach innards to the pungently strong alcoholic delicacy, foodies alike will squirm at the eclectic array of food and drink Scotland has to offer. Ranging from the famous whisky, Haggis and Irn Bru to shortbread, cider and cake, Scotland ensures that its visitors will not leave the city hungry.
Edinburgh for Foodies

Students can easily enjoy an affordable, fun night out in Edinburgh. There are a wide assortment of pubs and clubs, ranging from places where you can enjoy a quiet drink to those in which you can dance the night away. Live music is not only played on weekends, but throughout the week also. Different genres for different tastes in music are available. So let your hair down, take a shot or two and experience the nightlife of Scotland’s capital.
Edinburgh for Nightowls

Team Curso/CTR Edinburgh
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360° of Edinburgh: The City of Literature

praktikum-curso-reisejournalismus-cover-edinburgh-sept14As the world’s first UNESCO City of Literature, it’s definitely hard to escape Edinburgh’s literary heritage! The city has been the home to several famous authors, like Sir Walter Scott, the author of ´The Waverley Novels,´ Robert Louis Stevenson, and the poet Robert Burns.
Even Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, who invented the most famous detective Sherlock Holmes, was born and studied here. He is remembered by a statue in Picardy Place, as well as by a restaurant and a pub, which are named after him. Sherlock Holmes is based on Conan Doyle’s professor at Edinburgh University, Dr.  Joseph Bell. Look out for an information sign about a “most foul” murder case that involved the doctor himself on George Street, on the way to the West End.To find out more about literary Edinburgh, go to the Writers’ Museum and the National Library, where exhibitions are held.
The Waverley Station is quite literary itself, as it is the only station in the world to be named after a book series. And for fans of J.K. Rowling’s ´Harry Potter´ series, Edinburgh is like a treasure trove: George Heriot’s School (the inspiration for Hogwarts,) the Elephant House Café, and Greyfriars Kirkyard are all waiting to be explored.

Team Curso/CTR Edinburgh
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Start Berlin: A Comprehensive Budget Guide To Berlin

praktikum-curso-reisejournalismus-cover-berlin-september14It will come as no surprise that this city, so steeped in history, has a lot of sights and monuments to behold. Casually walk around and you are sure to come across more than your fair share. They make up the skyline of Berlin. From Prussian architecture to Soviet design, the city has been stamped by its various political rulers and is a cornucopia for UNESCO Heritage sites, boasting 3 of them. Check out Brandenburg Gate for Berlin’s earliest example of Neo-Classical architecture or venture to the Olympic Stadium and catch a home game. Whatever you do, you will never be able to escape the sight of Germany’s tallest building, the TV tower. Just make sure you’re ready to queue if you want to go up there.

From film to typography, national history to Islamic art, this city has a museum for just about everything. Some focus on Berlin’s unique and complex history, while others display artworks from as far away and long ago as classical Europe, Japan and the ancient Middle East. The central Museum Island is home to several globally-renowned collections that are truly unmissable. Also worth a visit, however, are the lesser-known, equally fascinating galleries dotted throughout the city. To save money, consider buying a one-day or three-day pass for multiple exhibitions; see individual museum websites or ticket kiosks for details.

Home to some of the world’s most beautiful and stunning parks, Berlin is the perfect city to visit during a scorching hot summer. If you enjoy lounging in the sun, then you will definitely be satisfied sprawling over the vast liegewiese’s of the Tiergarten or Volkspark Friedrichshain, sipping a rich German beer. For those architecture admirers, then the illustrious and impressive baroque gardens of Schloss Charlottenburg should prove a special treat. Or if you desire to make the most of your time outside, feel free to visit the airport cum park Tempelhofer Feld. Jump on a bike and enjoy stretching your legs around the enormous airport runways, or pick up a gold club and try to pot a hole at the park’s quirky art-inspired golf course. Once you’ve worked up a sweat, you could always take a refreshing dip in the sparkling waters of Lake Schlachtensee. With so much to see, so long as the sun is on your side, make the most of your time in Berlin by visiting as many as possible!

Berlin has a distinct Jekyll and Hyde feel to its streets. Be prepared to walk into a square boasting neoclassical architecture one day and onto a graffiti-clad, hippy-prone street the next. The city is saturated with history and accordingly possesses a myriad of monuments, from the striking Brandenburg Gate to the sombre Holocaust Memorial. To sample these historical testimonials, there are numerous bike, bus and walking tours on offer. Ranging from the tranquil Charlottenburg district and timeless Gendarmenmarkt to the dirty decadence of Kreuzberg, there is something for everyone.

There is a sense that Berlin has it all, and if its not here- it probably doesn’t exist. This is certainly the case when shopping. From a rich range of bookstores and high street staples, to treasure trove flea markets and haggling-at-theready markets ripe with fruit and vegetables. Purchase weird and wonderful jewellery from Tukadu, explore the famous department paradise of KaDeWe, indulge in mouthwatering chocolate at Fassbender and Rausch or wander into one of the many vintage stores- some even having the genius to combine vintage with coffee and cake. Berlin has style, and it’s fabulously fused with such variety that it has something for everyonethat’s the till ringing beauty of it.

When visiting Berlin, you will never go hungry. Eateries to satisfy all tastes are dotted around all day and night in fast food stalls, restaurants and spectacular street food markets. Offering anything from Japanese to Italian and Turkish to Indonesian it never ceases to impress. Try the Berliner special Currywurst from Curry 36 or devour a döner from Mustafa’s kebabs. Wash it all down with a ‘Berliner’ beer in one of the many beautiful Biergartens dotted around the capital. Or if you are not a beer drinker, there are many cute little cafes to quench your thirst and indulge in delicious cakes.

praktikum-curso-reisejournalismus-back-cover-berlin-september14So you’ve seen Berlin during the day, and it’s pretty awesome right? But it’s when the sun goes down that this vibrant city really comes into its own. With its numerous bars, some of the best clubs in the world, contemporary music and arts scene, and oh so cool hipster hangouts, you’ll never want to sleep. No list is exhaustive, we only provide a few examples, with a focus on bars. So there’s no excuses, get out there and experience it for yourself, and let us know if you break the infamous Berlin club door policy. And if you want to channel your inner Madonna or Phil Collins, well there’s something for you too!

Team Curso/CTR Berlin
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Berlin It Up: A guide to the capital’s top sights and activities

praktikum-curso-reisejournalismus-cover-berlin-sept14A wide variety of landmarks and monuments were built across Berlin throughout its rich history, including such iconic attractions as the Brandenburg Gate and Siegessaule. While the majority of the city’s sights are located in and around Mitte, visitors should also venture west to Charlottenburg to view the Olympic Stadium. Approximately 40km north of the city, is the Orienenburg Concentration Camp, Sachsenhausen, also highly recommended.
Sights & Monuments

Berlin is home to a wide range of museums and galleries, many of them displaying some of the most important collections in the world. Everyone will find something of their interest, as the more than 200 museums in this city cover topics that range from history and art to technology, film and even public transport. In this section you will find some of the most important and recommended museums, along with practical information to get there.
Museums & Galleries

Berlin is home to a wide range of museums and galleries, many of them displaying some of the most important collections in the world. Everyone will find something of their interest, as the more than 200 museums in this city cover topics that range from history and art to technology, film and even public transport. In this section you will find some of the most important and recommended museums, along with practical information to get there.
Streets & Outdoors

Berlin is positively overrun with markets and that’s no bad thing. On nearly every popular street, you’l find a bundle of Turkish food stalls or a buzzing flea market so get ready to hunt for some bargains. Mauer Park Flea Market is one of the better known and has a warm and lively vibe so be sure to save a Sunday for it. Winterfeldt Market in is great if you’re food shopping. But don’t worry if you can’t make it to these, the city is never short of markets just keep an eye out while you’re exploring the streets. If you don’t fancy the hectic, haggling style of markets, there are also a large number of stylish and quirky shops available. Check out Krezberg for the funkiest.

Berlin has a wide array of places to eat, drink and relax. Restaurants offer a broad range of cuisines for varying budgets, many vegetarian and vegan friendly. Takeaway stands are plentiful, particularly those serving döner kebabs and currywursts, both of which originated in Berlin. Cafés litter every corner offering beautiful cakes and pastry creations. There is something to suit all tastes.
Eating Out

Berlin has a wide array of places to eat, drink and relax. Restaurants offer a broad range of cuisines for varying budgets, many vegetarian and vegan friendly. Takeaway stands are plentiful, particularly those serving döner kebabs and currywursts, both of which originated in Berlin. Cafés litter every corner offering beautiful cakes and pastry creations. There is something to suit all tastes.
Bars, Clubs & Beer Gardens

Team Curso/CTR Berlin
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Lost Berlin: Entertainment

praktikum-curso-reisejournalismus-cover-berlin-aug14Boredom does not exist in this city. Entertainment is as diverse as it is abundant. Do not worry if clubbing, shopping or museums are not your thing, or if you’re simply looking for new things to do. If your arms ache, set down your shopping bags and catch a film at one of many cinemas, either indoors or outside. If you’re feeling brave, show off your talents at the immensely-popular Bearpit Karaoke. Roaring crowds can also be found in the sports stadiums across the city; join the beer-fuelled football fans and sing to your heart’s content. Or spend a day at the Olympic Stadium taking in the sights. After an elegant meal, sit back and relax at a civilised classical concert or two. Alternative live music is also easy to catch, with places such as Madame Claude hosting singer-songwriter evenings. The more upbeat DJ nights are perfect for those with more energy to spare.

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Berlin Calling: Entertainment

praktikum-curso-reisejournalismus-cover-berl-aug14While Berlin may be known for its historical sights, monuments and prominent clubbing scene, the city has so much to offer beyond the Brandenburg Gate and Berghain. Whether you’re into theatre, films or music you are sure to find something here to suit you. From the famous Bearpit Karaoke at Mauerpark on a Sunday to B-flat’s much loved jam sessions, Berlin is brimming with fun, low cost entertainment.

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From Barcelona with Love: Parc Creueta

auslandspraktikum-curso-reisejournalismus-barcelona-cover-august14Barcelona is full of wonderful surprises – it is up to the smart traveller to veer off the beaten track and discover what this city has to offer. The Parc Creueta del Coll is located near the Parc Guel, however this park has a strictly ‘local’ atmosphere, and is most definitely off the tourist track. It is not easy to find from the main road or the metro station as it is not signposted. Those intending on visiting should bring a map. Once you have made the trek up the hilly streets, a dip in the refreshing splash pool will make the journey worth the while! The park is located in a crater that emerged from years of quarrying in the area. It is this natural beauty that gives the park its charm. Visitors are able to climb to the top of the stairs and take in the views of the city. The main attraction to the park however, is the refreshing splash pool. For visitors who want somewhere quaint to cool down on hot days, the Parc Creueta will provide a refreshing change of scenery. A trip to Parc Creueta is a treat for those in search of a relaxing an afternoon, mixing with local Barcelonans.

Team Curso/CTR Barcelona
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