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Edinburgh April 2017


Fun, new friends, history, whisky, castles, pubs, tours, live music, fantastic views – oh my! Where completely strangers become friends with a glass of whiskey in hand – this is CTR in Edinburgh.

Not even the Scottish weather pranks could hide the unique charm of Edinburgh – rustic bookshops, mystic closes and lovely shops make the citys beauty! Exploring the beautiful city in great company – Edinburgh, you’ve stolen my heart!

This once in a lifetime experience helped me fall in love with the beautiful city of Edinburgh while making new friends along the way. There is a distinctive feeling you have while walking through Edinburgh: It’s the mixture of living, breathing history and the culturally open mindset of the people today that is different from any other city in Europe.

It’s not hard to fall in love with Edinburgh. The unique atmosphere in the pubs, the vitality everywhere, the beautiful landscapes and all the great people you are surrounded by made me feel like home!

What a positive experience: getting to know a beautiful city together with amazing people! I came, saw, and fell in love with this city and its warm citizen. Can´t wait to see you again, Edinburgh!

To fell in love with a foreign city in a few days and discover it with a group of other girls, who became real friends, was an exciting experience, which I don’t regret.

Team CTR/Curso, Edinburgh April 2017

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No Wall Left: 100/200

ctr-cover-no-wall-leftThese public bus routes traverse the city offering a fairly comprehensive tour for a cheaper price than a tourist bus. Bus 200 departs from outside the main entrance of Zoologischer Garten station. In the opposite direction it leaves from Michelangelostraße in the Prenzlauer Berg area, taking around 40 minutes to complete the route. You will cruise past Berlin Philharmonie and Potsdamer Platz, before heading along the historic boulevard Unter den Linden, which is full of cultural attractions like the State Opera House, the Neue Wache memorial, Deutsches Historiches Museum and Museum Island. You will have the opportunity to admire Lustgarten, The Dom and the TV Tower at Alexanderplatz before the bus reaches its terminus.

Alternatively choose Bus 100, the first bus service to connect East and West Berlin after the city’s unification. It travels between Zoologischer Garten station and Alexanderplatz. Like the 200 it travels down Unter den Linden: get off at this stop if you wish to view the popular Brandenburg Gate, and from there it is only a short walk to the Reichstag. You will then be taken down the central road through Tiergarten where you can behold the glorious Siegessäule (Victory Column) before going south onto Kurfürstenstraße.

Bus 100 is the better option if you want a shorter journey time of around 30 minutes (without getting off) and if you want to see more of the famous sights in the city, although it is generally busier than the 200. Both offer a cheap hop-on hop-off alternative to the standard tour bus for the price of a standard day ticket. If you are young at heart, then the best seat is naturally at the very front of the top deck, where you can ‘drive’ the bus on your own personal tour of Berlin.

Team CTR Berlin
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Be in Berlin: The Ampelmann

ctr-cover-be-in-berlinWalking through Berlin, the traffic light symbols dress in their Sunday best to kindly tell you when to stop and go.

Created by traffic psychologist Karl Peglau in 1961, the iconic Ampelmann silhouettes were inspired by a photo of the general secretary of the Socialist Unity Party Erich Honecker in a straw hat, and were soon stationed at every street crossing in East Berlin. Since the fall of the wall, the Ampelmann has become cult item and a positive symbol of the identity of the East Berlin citizens, and can now be seen splashed on merchandise at the many Ampelmann stores dotted around the city.

Walking into the store, it’s hard not to smile at the brightly coloured towels, key chains and t-shirts; the endearing stop-and-go symbols are plastered over every inch of the walls, floor and ceiling. Peruse through the racks of Ampelmann towels, rubber ducks and hilarious postcards, seeing why the Ampelmann is loved by so many.

After you’ve taken the obligatory photo inside the larger-than-life Ampelmann statue, sit back in the café and enjoy a coffee as you watch traffic lights from around the globe blink their green and red counterparts. After you’ve spent the remainder of your Euros on Ampel-merchandise, tip your hat to the ol’ crossing friend as you leave the store and wait for the green ampelmann to greet you at the side of the road.

Team CTR Berlin
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Edinburgh City Travel Guide: Every Day is Christmas

ctr-curso-eg-edinburgh-the-beauty-of-the-north-erfahrungsbericht-weihnachtenHow about some Christmas shopping at Easter or in summer? In Edinburgh, you can choose between several Christmas shops that are open all year round. Forget about the shops that only sell glittering bubbles or twinkling Christmas tree lights. In The Christmas Shop at Grassmarket you will find laugh-out-loud presents for Christmas. If you fancy unusual Christmas cards, you might decide on “Jingle Bells, Santa smells” or a card with ten jokes about reindeers. The shop also offers a biscuit cutter with Queen Elizabeth’s profile. Or a Christmas pudding box with lipgloss inside.

If this is not festive enough, you’d better choose Ye Olde Christmas Shoppe on the Royal Mile. You’ll find everything you need for a truly Scottish Christmas. For example a CD with bagpipes Christmas music. Or tartan Christmas tree decorations such as hearts, stars or trees – or even bagpipers and sheep. If you like more cheesy Christmas stuff, there are also bubbles with Santa sitting on a train or – very classic – former British monarchs such as Queen Victoria to embellish your tree. In case you usually cry tears of joy on Christmas, you can buy ahead Santa tissues.

text and photo Sabrina Wendling
The team of city travel review, December 2014
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Hallo, Berlin! – Museums & Galleries

curso-ctr-reisejournalismus-hallo-berlin-coverBerlin has over 200 museums and art galleries housing vast collections from classical art to currywurst. Whether you’re looking to spend an hour or a day there, Berlin has a museum to suit every taste. From small privately-owned collections such as the Ramones Museum to imposing state-owned buildings like the Pergamon, history and art buffs will find themselves spoilt for choice. World heritage site Museum Island attracts millions of visitors per year, and with its five world-class museums you will struggle to see them all in a trip, so pick one or two. From the Altes Museen with its collections of Roman and Greek sculpture to the Pergamon with its collection of antiquities and Islamic art. Modern art enthusiasts will enjoy galleries such as Hamburger Bahnhof, boasting a large collection of pop art, and Berlinische Galerie, with its collection of photography and graphic art. For those who enjoy architecture there is the Daniel Libeskind-designed Jewish museum, combining the history of the Jewish people with ground-breaking structural design. If you like to get lost in museums, Berlin is the place for you.

Team CTR Berlin 2014
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What’s Up Edinbro? – Scottish Lifestyle

curso-eg-praktikum-reisejournalismus-whats-up-edinbro-backcoverWhat comes to your mind when you think about the Scottish lifestyle? Are bagpipes popping into your head, or whisky, golf, kilts and haggis? That is right! These are a few very important aspects of Scottish life, but Scotland has more to offer. Discover the interesting story about the unicorn, why a Scotsman has to get some IRN BRU after an evening with too much alcohol or what a fried Mars bar is. Go out and learn to dance at the ceilidh, so you can act like you are from Scotland. We’ve found the most important things you have to know and try when discovering Scottish lifestyle.

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Team Curso/CTR Edinburgh 2014, Scottish Lifestyle by Laura Sedlmaier
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Edinburgh Up Close

curso-eg-auslandspraktikum-reisejournalismus-edinburghUp Hills and Down Closes: To begin your trip into the lovely city of Edinburgh, here are a few highlights of some popular and well-traversed AREAS. These overviews will give travelers an impression of what they can expect to find in the many different districts of Edinburgh.

Find Your Way Around the Maze:
To see some sights and explore new areas, this TOURS section
should be a good place to start. Most of the excursions are
walking tours to explore parts of the city while learning from
her inhabitants. Two bus routes have also been included to
provide an idea on how to get to various parts of the capital.

Discover “The Athens of the North”:
CULTURE is an important part of society to understand when
visiting somewhere new! Explore the area, spend some time in
any of these fantastic places, learn, but most of all have fun – your
exposure to the colorful world of Edinburgh is well underway.

Telling Auld Reekie‘s Story:
Much of Scotland’s history can be observed in the numerous
MUSEUMS scattered throughout the city. With impressive
collections, entertaining exhibitions, and unbeatable prices, the
museums are an absolute must-see when visiting Edinburgh.

Goodies – With or Without Tartan:
If you don’t have short arms and long pockets, this section is
a definite cause for celebration. SHOPS line the streets of
Edinburgh, up high and down low, some popular and still others
waiting to be discovered. Come and see what you can find!

It’s not all neeps and tatties!:
A long day of exploring can only mean one thing: time for FOOD!
Treat your taste buds and gratify your appetite at any of these fine
establishments located throughout various districts of Edinburgh.

Finish your day with PUBS & ENTERTAINMENT like the Scots
do! Experience the hospitality of the local people, enjoy some
good drinks, or find a fun way to relax with friends. It’s all right here.

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Team Curso/CTR Edinburgh 2014
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