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Lost Berlin: Entertainment

praktikum-curso-reisejournalismus-cover-berlin-aug14Boredom does not exist in this city. Entertainment is as diverse as it is abundant. Do not worry if clubbing, shopping or museums are not your thing, or if you’re simply looking for new things to do. If your arms ache, set down your shopping bags and catch a film at one of many cinemas, either indoors or outside. If you’re feeling brave, show off your talents at the immensely-popular Bearpit Karaoke. Roaring crowds can also be found in the sports stadiums across the city; join the beer-fuelled football fans and sing to your heart’s content. Or spend a day at the Olympic Stadium taking in the sights. After an elegant meal, sit back and relax at a civilised classical concert or two. Alternative live music is also easy to catch, with places such as Madame Claude hosting singer-songwriter evenings. The more upbeat DJ nights are perfect for those with more energy to spare.

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Berlin Calling: Entertainment

praktikum-curso-reisejournalismus-cover-berl-aug14While Berlin may be known for its historical sights, monuments and prominent clubbing scene, the city has so much to offer beyond the Brandenburg Gate and Berghain. Whether you’re into theatre, films or music you are sure to find something here to suit you. From the famous Bearpit Karaoke at Mauerpark on a Sunday to B-flat’s much loved jam sessions, Berlin is brimming with fun, low cost entertainment.

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When In Berlin – A Guide To Berlin: sights and monuments

coverThere are a plethora of sights and monuments on offer in Berlin. Many such as the Brandenburg Gate are world famous. Others, such as the Palace of Tears are less well known but equally as poignant and worth visiting. Many of the sights and monuments in Berlin are directly related to the city’s chequered and sometimes unsavory history. Attractions such as the Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe should be respected and not visited if you want an uplifting experience! Scratching beneath the surface, or travelling out of Mitte is also far more rewarding for really discovering Berlin’s monuments and sights. For example, the hidden gem of the Soviet War Memorial is located in Treptower Park and the Wannsee Conference House is nearer Potsdam than central Berlin.

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Das ist Berlin: Green Spaces

auslandspraktikum-curso-reisejournalismusBerlin is made up of forty-six percent of green spaces or water, making it one of the greenest cities in Europe and are now an intricate part of Berliners culture. Locals and visitors love to spend one warm afternoon visiting one of the many parks and talking long walks alongside the flowing canals that run through the city. Peacock Island is an ideal location to go visit especially on a summers evening or for somewhere more central Tiergarten where many visitors love to hang out with friends or spend time quietly reading a book or wander over to Mauerpark which holds a flea market so you can scramble in its delights in this vast open land.

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Into Berlin

curso-praktikum-reisejournalimus-intoberlinYou don’t need to search hard in this city to discover a creative pulse. Berlin’s culture is tattooed onto its bones, the vibrant colours of its street art bleed and swell to fill the marks etched by its barbed history; it wears its art on its sleeve. Nowhere is this captured more absolutely than by the East Side Gallery, which is both a historical monument and a public easel. Staring obstinately down three decades, the witty, sad, motivational and defiant works of hundreds of artists are a roaring tribute to the formative power of tumult. For those who prefer their culture boxed and beribboned, Museumsinsel is a birdfeeder for the vulturous. It houses a huddle of museums and galleries containing art and artefacts from antiquity to the present day. But nothing stays restrained for long; every summer, Berlin erupts onto the streets in the free-flowing Karnival der Kulturen, as the city celebrates not only its own culture, but also the world’s.

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Feedback Studenten

cursoEG_praktikum_reisejournalismus_feedback_studentenDie Travel Guides unserer Studierenden in Berlin, Barcelona, Edinburgh, Madrid und Lyon sind für die Leser gemacht. Ja, auch für Sie, die Person, die dies jetzt liest. Sie wollen mehr über unsere Programmstandort erfahren, wo gibt es die besten Museen und Sehenswürdigkeiten zu sehen? Wo die besten Orte, um einen Happen essen zu gehen und ein erfrischendes Getränk typisch für das Gastland zu finden? Die Orte um zu entspannen, sich auszutoben um immer in einen guten Schlaf zu finden?

Nun sind Sie an der richtigen Adresse mit Ihren Fragen. Die Travel Guides unserer internationalen Studierenden geben die Antworten in maßgeschneiderten Informationen zu unseren Standorten. Doch lesen Sie auch die Erfahrungen und das Feedback unserer Studierenden:
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zu Curso/CTR Travel Writing Berlin
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Bericht Reisejournalismus Berlin

curso_reisejournalismus_sprachreise_bewertung_aktuell_berlinFür Kunstgalerie-Begeisterte und Museums-Entdecker ist Berlin die ideale Stadt um dem Enthusiasmus freien Lauf zu lassen. Von Museen mit Jahrhunderte alten Gemälden über Chroniken die Deutschlands turbulente Geschichte wiederspiegeln bis zu modernen, zeitgemäßen, kreativen Ausstellungen: Berlin bietet für jeden Geschmack etwas dass die Sinne begeistert. Berlin steht für Vielfalt und historische, gesellschaftliche Brüche. Warum nicht an einem Tag zum Deutschen Historischen Museum und dem Ramones Museum gehen? So kann man die Vielfalt Berlins wirklich erkennen.

Wir, die internationalen Studenten des Curso/CTR Reisejournalismus-Praktikumsprogramms in Berlin, haben unsere Erfahrungen in einem Buch zum Projekt veröffentlicht. Unsere Sicht der Dinge auf die Museen und Gallerien darf dabei nicht fehlen. In unserer Ausgabe des Magazins haben wir von schweren und bewegenden Ausstellungen bis zu modernen und leichten Ausstellungen in der Kürze der Zeit recherchiert. Unter anderem finden Sie hier Rezensionen zu
Wir hatten eine großartige Zeit in einer der kreativsten Städte Europas und freuen uns auf den nächsten Besuch in Berlin.
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