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Picture This: Barcelona

cover-ctr-picture-this-barcelonaYou’ve done the museums, the art galleries, the churches and the picturesque lunch spots; you’ve relaxed and soaked up the sun at the beach, the outdoor pool and the park, and you’ve clocked up what must surely edge close to a marathon on your pedometer. Are you heading home to bed? No chance, you’ve got an entirely new city to explore, transformed by the sunset from a cultural haven into a maze of restaurants, bars and clubs to stumble into and dance the night away.

We have done our best to offer you a comprehensive starting point, reviewing the clubs and bars which we poured into on instinct, and staggered out of hours later having had a great night. But really, the best way to create your own unforgettable story of ‘this one night in Barcelona…’ is to wander around and see what takes your fancy. As we all know, the best nights are always the spontaneous ones.
Feel the Night Vibes

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What’s Barcelona?

cover-ctr-whats-barcelonaIf you’re lucky enough to be in Barcelona in August, the week long free festival in Gràcia is not to be missed. Although the date changes every year, around the 15th August from Friday to Friday,, the bohemian streets of this quiet Catalan residential neighbourhood are transformed into a colourful street party.

Each street competes for the title of the best-decorated street, with the residents of each street going to considerable effort as they bring their theme to life with spectacular street decorations from umbrella lights to sea life. The festival is completely free with no need to book the wide array of events including music, cinema and talks – to see what’s on, check out the festival’s website.

Come along in the day to enjoy the decorations, buy some food from the street stalls and enjoy the cultural events. Then, refuel with some wine or beer from the neighbourhood shops and supermarkets, which are open as usual and stay until late dancing to the live Spanish music. Festa Major de Gràcia is a street party like no other – as authentically Spanish as it gets, expect to leave with appreciation for the Catalan party spirit.
¿ What‘s … UP ?
¡ Festival of Gràcia !

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The BCN Bible

ctr-the-bcn-bible-cover-300x212La Rambla is the most famous street in central Barcelona, popular with tourists and local people alike. It always attracts huge crowds, especially during the height of tourist season, all buzzing to see what this place has to offer, whether its the market stalls, the street performers or the off road hidden gems.

Strolling along the avenue you can see such amazing historic attractions such as the Palace of Virreina, and the Liceu theatre, where you can enjoy watching opera and ballet, for a more sophisticated travel experience! You can also find ‘La Boqueria’ market that is a must visit tourist landmark, selling a whole selection of different kinds of goods.

La Rambla is quite easy to fi nd with many different transport options leading you straight to it. There’s the metro station at Liceu (line L3), three Barcelona bus lines operating during the day (number 14,59 and 91) and three different nighttime buses also go along here (number N9, N12 and N15).

The street is defi nitely a spot worth visiting if not for the shopping and charming restaurants, then for the characters you fi nd down there. It’s no doubt that locals are the real treasure: friendly, joyful and ready to help.
La Rambla

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Barrios de Barcelona

curso-ctr-barrios-de-barcelona-cover-300x225Without question the area most synonymous with Barcelona that captures so much of what the city has stood for, is the Barri Gòtic (Gothic Quarter). A trip to the Barri Gotic can truly feel like a journey back in time, as you enter the narrow streets and find yourself negotiating a labyrinth of possibilities that will confuse yet delight you, as each step taken reveals another layer of this incredibly complex and detailed arena.

There is a deluge of religious landmarks to visit and enjoy, including the Catedral de la Santa Creu i Santa Eulalia (Barcelona Cathedral) , Basílica Santa Maria Del Pi and the medieval Jewish Quarter El Call, which offers a fascinating glimpse into the history of the Jews of Catalonia. Your trip to Barcelona would not be complet without a tour of the quarter that helped shape so much of what the city is today.
Introduction to Barri Gòtic

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From Barcelona with Love: Parc Creueta

auslandspraktikum-curso-reisejournalismus-barcelona-cover-august14Barcelona is full of wonderful surprises – it is up to the smart traveller to veer off the beaten track and discover what this city has to offer. The Parc Creueta del Coll is located near the Parc Guel, however this park has a strictly ‘local’ atmosphere, and is most definitely off the tourist track. It is not easy to find from the main road or the metro station as it is not signposted. Those intending on visiting should bring a map. Once you have made the trek up the hilly streets, a dip in the refreshing splash pool will make the journey worth the while! The park is located in a crater that emerged from years of quarrying in the area. It is this natural beauty that gives the park its charm. Visitors are able to climb to the top of the stairs and take in the views of the city. The main attraction to the park however, is the refreshing splash pool. For visitors who want somewhere quaint to cool down on hot days, the Parc Creueta will provide a refreshing change of scenery. A trip to Parc Creueta is a treat for those in search of a relaxing an afternoon, mixing with local Barcelonans.

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The student friendly guide to Barcelona: Barceloneta Beach

auslandspraktikum-curso-reisejournalismus-barcelona-cover-aug14Barceloneta (Little Barcelona) is the traditional sailors’ and fishermen’s quarter in Ciutat Vella (Old City). After the Olympic Games in 1992, Barcelona opened up to the sea and completely renovated its beaches. The astoundingly beautiful Mediterranean Sea is one of Barcelona’s best features. You can stroll along the boardwalk, go for a cooling swim or simply breathe in the fresh sea air whilst relaxing in the sun. The neighbourhood slightly loses its maritime atmosphere, particularly in the summer months, but it remains a great place to eat, drink and people watch! The seafront is lined with lots of restaurants serving the freshest local fish specialties. Due to its close proximity to the city centre, it’s no surprise that it’s the busiest beach of them all, but it’s still easy to find a good spot close to the water. It can be overrun with relentless vendors shouting ‘mojitos!’, ‘massages!’, ‘beer!’ and selling strange rugs. Apart from that, it’s the perfect place to escape from the La Rambla hoards and to cool yourself down in the refreshing Mediterranean Sea.

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cover_curso_ctr_travel_writing_berlinIt would be an understatement to say Berlin has “plenty to see and do”; this city rewards even the casual wanderer with a plethora of incredible buildings and monuments. Facing the iconic Brandenburg Gate with the Victory Column behind you, you only have to turn right to see Lord Norman Foster’s magnificent glass-dome atop the Reichstag, whilst further along lies the sobering and haunting Holocaust memorial. Turning around takes you down historical Unter den Linden and if you walk the other way you can get lost in the leafy green acres of Tiergarten. Head-spinning yet? Thought so.

The best sightseeing in Berlin is well planned. Book your tickets for the Reichstag in advance, plan your walk around Checkpoint Charlie in advance and make a list of ‘must sees’ and opening hours to really maximise your time and take it all in. Don’t worry if you don’t have the time to see everything. Berlin isn’t going anywhere, and with a history as diverse as this spanning over ten centuries, it is well worth a second, or even third visit.

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