I went to Madrid in summer 2012, and it was one of the best choices I made because I had lots of fun, met really creative people and explored a wonderful city. To see the finished book made the whole experience that bit more special. In my opinion the programme was well organised and I really enjoyed the Spanish classes and the writing workshops. Not only did I improve my understanding of the Spanish culture and refreshed my Spanish language skills, I also got to spend three weeks in a really unique and picturesque city. I felt the travel writing programme in Madrid as informative, well structured and overall brilliant. I have already recommended it to my friends. I thought that the Madrid team was great to work with and the Spanish journalists and teachers were excellent leaders for our group. I loved Madrid so much I’m hoping to be back soon, it was a great curso_spanisch_reisejournalismus_group_madridexperience. Best of luck for the future projects.

Kati D., Madrid programme


I worked with them in the summer, enjoying Lyon’s incredible atmosphere for a few weeks, learning French and beginning my career as a writer. I’ve definitely grown more confidence in my writing ability and have started to consider travel writing as a possible career choice. I really appreciated all the feedback during the workshops as well. It has been an incredible experience for both personal and professional reasons. I enjoyed the program for many reasons. I made new friend’s from other countries, traveled through Lyon while learning about the French culture, learned enough French to get by. I have wonderful memories that I’ll never forget about Lyon and the great people I had the opportunity of meeting.
During weekdays we would have French lessons. We had a few organised group trips like a tour around the city and a trip to Euro News. But really the project was about writing and our own experiences and gathering our own research on Lyon. So we explored a wonderful city, we wrote, and most of all, we had good fun. With the help of a small team of professional writers, teachers and a layouter, we were guided on how to produce our articles and layout successfully in the style of a travel writer. We may not have had much time, but we did it and by the end of the project all our hard work had virtually materialized into the form of an e-book. It was a proud moment for all of us. Definitely good if considering entering the creative industries or for those who are interested in learning French.

Syl, Lyon programme (taken from source qype)

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