Guide of Edinburgh

curso-ctr-guide-of-edinburgh-erfahrungsbericht-coverIf you want to visit Scotland and especially Edinburgh this little guide about some Dos and Don’ts is supposed to help you taking your first steps. First of all: if you are looking for accommodation there are many cheap hotels and hostels around the city centre, perfect for when you are on a budget and want to be near everything. It is usually best to book hotels and hostels in advance. Most, if not all, can be found on, and When you’ve finally arrived, exited and thirsty of knowledge, and you start to explore the city, you should not be afraid of asking and talking: everybody loves to help you finding your way and information. Most of the Scottish people are friendly and open minded. But avoid calling a Scottish person English. Remember that Scotland and England are own countries within the United Kingdom and so talk to the people as Scots – not Scotch by the way, that would be the Whisky…

Probably you’ll have to get used to the traffic, especially when you are from a country where one drives on the right side of the street. The traffic is very busy and so are the Scottish pedestrians – watching their habits you will probably learn fast.

Edinburgh has so many different shades and actually it is easy to open your mind for its culture and enjoy the trip to this amazing city!

Team CTR Edinburgh

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