Lost Berlin: Entertainment

praktikum-curso-reisejournalismus-cover-berlin-aug14Boredom does not exist in this city. Entertainment is as diverse as it is abundant. Do not worry if clubbing, shopping or museums are not your thing, or if you’re simply looking for new things to do. If your arms ache, set down your shopping bags and catch a film at one of many cinemas, either indoors or outside. If you’re feeling brave, show off your talents at the immensely-popular Bearpit Karaoke. Roaring crowds can also be found in the sports stadiums across the city; join the beer-fuelled football fans and sing to your heart’s content. Or spend a day at the Olympic Stadium taking in the sights. After an elegant meal, sit back and relax at a civilised classical concert or two. Alternative live music is also easy to catch, with places such as Madame Claude hosting singer-songwriter evenings. The more upbeat DJ nights are perfect for those with more energy to spare.

Team Curso/CTR
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