And Then There Was Lyon

auslandspraktikum-curso-reisejournalismus-lyon-cover-august14As members of the City Travel Review writing project, our aim was to present to you a well researched and personal travel guide to the city of Lyon. The team consists of young professionals and students from around the globe, sharing the interest of language and writing, with an eye on future journalistic careers. It was a mixture of cutting our teeth on the streets and hands-on workshops with seasoned Euronews journalists. In the short space of three weeks we improved our French language skills and integrated ourselves into a different culture. The experience provided a bold insight into the world of journalism and media. Not to mention being a great way to meet similar-minded people whilst exploring a beautiful city in a unique way.

Our task required every team member to step out and delve into Lyon’s nooks and crannies to unearth its secrets. After gallivanting around gathering information we then pulled our plethora of knowledge into a focussed structure. Learning on the job and using heaps of our own initiative in order to create a detailed, honest and readable guide. City Travel Review is a productive and educational break, one not to be taken lightly, yet with plenty of opportunity to have fun and hone journalistic skills in a working environment. With our articles in mind, start a journey of discovery and continue your own story on the parchment of this city.

Team Curso/CTR 2014
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