Madrid En Una Maleta

madrid-cover-2014-cursoMadrid has a greater diversity of independent shops, street markets and high-end boutiques than any other city in Spain, so it is definitely worth going shopping here. Begin your shopping excursion by arriving nice and early at Chueca Metro station for breakfast or brunch at one of the many cafes in the lively and buzzing Plaza Chueca. Take in the laid-back Madrileñian lifestyle as you sip on your milky cortado coffee, as you will see a distinct variety of people pass by. Breakfast over, take a leisurely walk along one of Madrid’s side streets to Calle De Hortaleza, taking in the pretty balcony gardens. Once on Calle De Hortaleza, begin your shopping by exploring traditional and vintage stores. As you walk closer to Gran Via – the main shopping strip, you will find a shift towards more modern and wellknown names such as MAC, The Body Shop and H&M.
You may notice there are many shoe shops; and as you can tell, walking is popular in Madrid so a good stylish pair of shoes is a must-buy. In particularly, espadrilles! They are probably Madrid’s greatest fashion accessory…. after the fan, of course! Before heading straight to the stores that we all know and love, explore the other local stores first, as you are guaranteed a bargain. Don’t forget that between 3pm and 5pm, certain local stores are likely to close for siesta. This is a great time to take a break at a bar or restaurant to try something new to eat. Madrid has more bars and restaurants than any other city in Spain, so cool down with a local drink. A personal recommendation is the thirst quenching Tinto de Verano or a refreshing mojito! As you draw closer to Gran Via, it will get busier and you will certainly be stopped by some interesting and friendly people, letting you know where you can go to eat. Once you arrive at Gran Via, the decision is yours as to which direction to go; each turn is like going down a rabbit hole of surprises.

Team Curso/CTR Madrid 2014
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