Into Berlin

curso-praktikum-reisejournalimus-intoberlinYou don’t need to search hard in this city to discover a creative pulse. Berlin’s culture is tattooed onto its bones, the vibrant colours of its street art bleed and swell to fill the marks etched by its barbed history; it wears its art on its sleeve. Nowhere is this captured more absolutely than by the East Side Gallery, which is both a historical monument and a public easel. Staring obstinately down three decades, the witty, sad, motivational and defiant works of hundreds of artists are a roaring tribute to the formative power of tumult. For those who prefer their culture boxed and beribboned, Museumsinsel is a birdfeeder for the vulturous. It houses a huddle of museums and galleries containing art and artefacts from antiquity to the present day. But nothing stays restrained for long; every summer, Berlin erupts onto the streets in the free-flowing Karnival der Kulturen, as the city celebrates not only its own culture, but also the world’s.

Team Curso/CTR 2014

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