Edinburgh Up Close

curso-eg-auslandspraktikum-reisejournalismus-edinburghUp Hills and Down Closes: To begin your trip into the lovely city of Edinburgh, here are a few highlights of some popular and well-traversed AREAS. These overviews will give travelers an impression of what they can expect to find in the many different districts of Edinburgh.

Find Your Way Around the Maze:
To see some sights and explore new areas, this TOURS section
should be a good place to start. Most of the excursions are
walking tours to explore parts of the city while learning from
her inhabitants. Two bus routes have also been included to
provide an idea on how to get to various parts of the capital.

Discover “The Athens of the North”:
CULTURE is an important part of society to understand when
visiting somewhere new! Explore the area, spend some time in
any of these fantastic places, learn, but most of all have fun – your
exposure to the colorful world of Edinburgh is well underway.

Telling Auld Reekie‘s Story:
Much of Scotland’s history can be observed in the numerous
MUSEUMS scattered throughout the city. With impressive
collections, entertaining exhibitions, and unbeatable prices, the
museums are an absolute must-see when visiting Edinburgh.

Goodies – With or Without Tartan:
If you don’t have short arms and long pockets, this section is
a definite cause for celebration. SHOPS line the streets of
Edinburgh, up high and down low, some popular and still others
waiting to be discovered. Come and see what you can find!

It’s not all neeps and tatties!:
A long day of exploring can only mean one thing: time for FOOD!
Treat your taste buds and gratify your appetite at any of these fine
establishments located throughout various districts of Edinburgh.

Finish your day with PUBS & ENTERTAINMENT like the Scots
do! Experience the hospitality of the local people, enjoy some
good drinks, or find a fun way to relax with friends. It’s all right here.

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