cover_travel_writing_curso_ctr_berlin2013septCafés and restaurants can be considered one of the most interesting aspects of the city, as they mirror its multiculturalism. In Berlin you will find every kind of food from Turkey to China, from Italy to North Europe. Nightlife is another important feature, young people here have a wide selection of clubs, bars and pubs, so you’ll be spoilt for choice.

Even shopping lovers can satisfy their needs, not only in the shopping area of Ku-dam, but also thanks to the opportunities that the city provides for vintage shopping and flea markets. During the warmer seasons it’s very enjoyable to spend an entire day in one of the various outdoor areas of the city: Tiergarten, Wannsee and Tegeler See. Last but not the least you will also find a piece of advice about the best guided tours both on foot and with other means of transport.
So, don’t miss the opportunity to discover Berlin, especially if you have a low budget. Follow our suggestions and you won’t be disappointed!

A budget traveller’s Guide – Curso/CTR Team Berlin

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