Madrid No Borders: Music

cover_curso_travel_writing_madridMusic pumps endlessly through the veins of Madrid, providing the atmosphere and cultural diversity that the capital is famous for. Bar the generic pop and dance you’ll suffer in most clubs, Madrid is bursting at the seams with alternative genres. Jazz bars, such as ‘Bogui’ (Chueca) and La Croquette (Opera) are welcome havens of raw goodness, but you could also head to live venues such as Charada and Zanzibar for a glimpse of Spain’s up and coming bands.

If you’re looking for music with a rather more recognisable title, try out ‘la Riviera’. Although it’s quite an intimate venue, it’s attracted big name bands from all over the world, such as Tame Impala and Nirvana, giving lucky Madrileños an opportunity to get so close to their favourite bands, they
could almost stroke them. I highly recommend you scour the gig dates, during your stay in the capital, but beware; the price of drinks here will empty your pockets quicker than Vegas.
Team Curso/CTR Madrid

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