Unveiling Secret Edinburgh

Did Edinburgh fulfill our expectations? Does it perfectly combine the traditional and modern way of living and the metropolitan and homely feeling?

After weeks of being a part of this lively city, we absolutely agree that Edinburgh is one of the most amazing capitals in Europe, combining tradition and modernity in its own, remarkable way.

Over the last few weeks we investigated all the topics concerning this beautiful city, its culture, lifestyle, nightlife, food and drink, and even more, “unveiling secret Edinburgh”. What we’ve recognised, while living here and writing this travel guide, was that it will never get boring here. There is so much to do, it doesn’t matter what you are interested in, you will always find some place that fulfills your desires. Whether you choose to explore the traditional way of life in Edinburgh, such as visiting the Old Town or the castle, listening to bagpipe-music, eating haggis, drinking whisky, and learning something about the history of Scotland, or whether you want to pick the modern way of living, visiting art museums, going shopping, and celebrating the nightlife in one of the amazing nightspots, then there is something exactly right for you there. Explore Edinburgh whichever way you choose to find your favourite places to be and things to do, you only have to go and check them out.

At the end of our stay we can honestly say that you have to pay the capital of Scotland a visit. Its metropolitan character and its homely atmosphere will inspire you from the moment you arrive.

So, just like we said in our Editorial: Don’t hesitate – go visit Edinburgh!

view sample, Curso/CTR Travel Writing Team Edinburgh 2012, Anne Mundorf

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