Let Lyon Spin You Right ‘Round

This guide has been broken down into several sections pertaining to the four distinct geographical areas. Following this, you will find a series of subsections to equip you with all the information you will need to make the most of your time in Lyon.

Fouviere Hill – Known as the hill that prays, this area still has the remnants of its Roman origins

Vieux-Lyon – The oldest part of town, this UNESCO heritage listed area will take you back in time

Croix-Rousse – Known as the hill that works, this area forms the heart of Lyon’s silk industry

Presqu’ile – Contemporary & vibrant, the peninsula is a hive of activity, not to be missed by any high street shopper

Tips – Transport, accommodation, phrases, day trips and dates… everything practical you need to know about visiting Lyon

Dining and Nightlife – Where to eat, what to eat and of course how to spend your evenings, you will find it all in this section

Culture – Diverse and rich, this section will expose a little about what makes the people of Lyon who they are

Special dates: guide on typical Lyonnais and French celebrations

Shopping & Fashion – If museums and galleries are not your thing, this section is for anyone requiring a little retail therapy. Also, if you are a little low on funds you can still enjoy your time in Lyon with the help of a few innovative suggestions

Join us on a journey through the main arrondissements of Lyon. After discovering the city’s main sights and scenes, the rest of the adventure remains entirely up to you.
Bon Voyage!

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CTR Travel Writing Team Lyon 2012

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